My way is better | Guests: Tamara Monosoff + Tyler Mose | Ep. 30

top 5 ways to improve meetings


  • In this episode Jill and Brad discuss their teams and how they conduct their meetings. Jill is a big fan of Google Hangout and utilizes it to conduct her monthly meet-up with her fabulous international team. She loves that she can see their wonderful, smiling faces and that they can encourage and inspire one another. Brad, on the other hand, loves to meet with clients and have focused, on-point meetings (no tangents for Brad!) Side note: Jill’s never been to Texas…I think we need to change that! Road trip anyone? Brad, however, has been all over the Lonestar State. Oh and be sure that you’ve gotten your copy of their incredible e-book! Get it here.

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Guest #1:

  • Tamara Monosoff is the founder & CEO of Mom Invented, an online community which provides information, inspiration & interaction for like-minded entrepreneurs. She offers mentoring classes & free workshops through her website Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Meetings

  • Jill and Brad discuss the top 5 ways to improve meetings. From no cell phones allowed (yes, we just said that!), no computers allowed (yes, we said that too!) to setting an agenda. We know these top 5 magic meeting methods will boost your productivity in order to stay on track and get everybody on the same page. Have any that they missed? Call Jill & Brad at 708.872.7878 and let them know what they missed.

Guest #2:

  • Tyler Mose is the CEO at Indirap Productions, a full service video production and video marketing agency. They work directly with their brands to ensure that they truly understand the brand and its image. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tool of the Week:

  • – Create a realtime chat room based on a Twitter hashtag (of your creation, or not!) Invite users and perform the presentations online without any additional software! Add your friends or colleagues to help you with moderation.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Google Hangout – A great way to get together with people anywhere, anytime, in realtime.
  • Career Sushi – Find an intern! They connect the world’s freshest minds with the most innovative companies.
  • Twitter – Do we even have to explain it?  It’s an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called “tweets”. Get on there.


  • is a small business owner community that offers members a supportive community and mass resource to help owners. Interested in Mastermind Coaching? Sign up! Sign up!
  • The Founding Moms Conference– Attend the first international conference that Jill’s organization, The Founding Moms, is hosting in Chicago. Mark your calendars for amazing speakers, inspiring attendees, delicious food and bands! Bands! Monday, October 6 at Lincoln Hall. Get your tickets here.

Top 5 ways to improve meetingsWhat are some of your magic meeting methods? Let us know! Leave us a Google Voicemail so that we can read it in a future episode at 708.872.7878. Or tweet at us using hashtag #jillnbrad. And leave us a review on iTunes — pretty please? Over here.